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Pharma: Medical Representative

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Course Description
This course will help you to understand the pharmaceutical industry and will put you on the right track to engage the market properly, starting from how to write CV passing by how to accomplish all the tasks and also how to monitor your self for the career pathway.
The course will be divided into five sessions, as follows :
1) Introduction.
2) Be prepared.
3) Engage the market.
4) Patient focus interaction.
5) Am i in the right track?!
1) Write a CV.
2) pharmaceutical industry.
3) Engaging the market.
4) How to be patient centric.
5) Digitalization
6) Tracking your progress
7) Categorization of clients
8) Selling skills
9) Negotiating skills
Earning Criteria
The candidate will be certified after passing both an MCQ exam and a role play, that he/she must fulfill all needed requirements by using special grading system.

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Continuing Education Credits
For each 100 hours of successfully completed TEFL course work, the graduate receives 10 credits towards an additional iTTi TEFL training program.

All itti courses are endorsed by TQUK.

iTTi is a service mark of international TEFL Training institute. iTTi’s state-of-the art teacher development courses fully meet, and exceed, international standards for employment in English as a Second Language programs around the world. iTTi teacher training solutions are endorsed by TQUK.

Returning to the level of high-end Arab art and upgrading the heritage.

Duration 1 Level (10 Hours)
Price EGP6,300.00

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