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Diploma in Behavioral Therapist Preparation

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Diploma in Behavioral Therapist Preparation
+ FREE GIFT (practical skills course for a psychologist) online

– For specialists in Psychology and Sociology or Life Coach and want to specialize in behavioral psychology
– For everyone who faces a problem with himself and always tries to reach a solution.
– For all parents who encounter behavioral problems with their children.
– For students who are close to graduating and would like to specialize in the field of behavior modification and gain practical experience in the field.
Those who have a passion for understanding people, ways to deal with them, and predicting their behavior.

Diploma Content:

– A psychological maintenance course
– Stages of character formation
– Personal balance equation
– 27 Laws for Success in Life
– When should I go to a specialist?
– Get to know the psychological team
– What do I do if I get addicted to psychotropic drugs?
– The 4 treatment sessions
– Mental health indicators
– The most important characteristics and needs of childhood
– The most important characteristics and needs of adolescence
– The most important characteristics and needs of adulthood
– The most important characteristics and needs of the middle age
– 24 tricks for psychological defense
– The four doors to learning
– Behavior Modification Laws
– Channels of behavior modification
– Areas of behavior modification work
* Practical training in designing and implementing a behavior modification plan
30 Behavior Modification Techniques
The most dangerous common educational mistakes
Practical training on most behavioral problems such as:
• Bed-wetting – stubbornness and rebellion
• Theft – lying
• In-acceptance of sexual identity – weak self-confidence
Phobia and Pathological Fears – Violence
————————————————– —–
+ The Free Gift (Practical Skills Course for a Psychologist)
Design work file and cases file
– How to form a professional relationship
– The most important laws and professional relationship skills
– Objectives of the professional relationship
– Types of professional interviews
– Specifications of the venue for the sessions and consultations
– Steps to conduct the interview
– Advantages and disadvantages of the interview
– Training on different positions of the interview
– Objectives of observation
– Terms of use of the note
– How to design a note card
– Advantages and disadvantages of observation
– How to apply the professional note
– Objectives of the case study
– Steps to apply the case study
– Advantages and disadvantages of a case study
– How to write psychological reports professionally
– A short guide to work as a specialist

Duration 10 Sessions
Price EGP7,350.00

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