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Body Language – OFFLINE- (Offer)

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If you want to understand everything that is happening around you and be a professional in reading the people around you and their behaviors and compatibility with the reality of their thoughts, which we will learn in detail in this course:

. Defining the science of body language.
.The origins of the science of body language.
. Ethics and etiquette of body language science.
. How to read subconscious nonverbal language.
. body language science applications. . Body language mechanics.
. body language mistakes.
. The body, facial expressions, expressions, words, and the relationship between them.
. Thoughts and feelings and their effect on behavior and the body.
. The sound and its tone and its impact on the relationship of communication between you and the other social shyness.
. Strong and influential personality.


Important Notes:
• Student will start the course upon availability.
• You must activate your course at least 1 month prior.
• Special timings are not available.
• Private courses are not available.
• The course is taught offline.
• Students will receive a certificate upon completing the course.
• For more information please call 01030710031 or send your questions to info@thekingsacademy.info

Duration 5 sessions
Price EGP4,200.00

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