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Course Overview:

This course is designed for users whom they are willing to use Photoshop to earn good money. We are starting from scratch until your reach the professional user level in Photoshop. This course is divided to 3 levels: (Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced/Experts).

Beginner Level:  If you are new to Photoshop, so the first level will fit your needs to achieve the basic goals in design.

Intermediate Level: if you are familiar of how to use the Photoshop, so you need the second level to enhance your skills in using Photoshop to master that application.

Advanced Level: if you are a good user of Photoshop, so the third level is a required level for you, to learn professional techniques, to create and produce impressive designs and it will be unique designs compared with others


Level 1 /10 hours Adobe Photoshop for Beginners
First Session

·Program Interface

·Raster image principles

·Image dimension and resolution


– Why to use Photoshop?

– Interface Introduction

– Panels & Workspaces

– Raster Image principles

– Image Size – Image Data Size

– Image Dimension

– Image Resolution

– Manipulate Layers

– Layer Visibility

– Opacity & Transparency

– (Rename, Hide, Add , Delete) layers

Second Session

·Colors and swatch panel


– Common file types

– [.PSD], [.JPG], [.PNG],[.PDF] file types

– Colors- Swatches Panel

– Pantone Colors

– [RGB, CMYK] Color Modes

– 10 Handy Tips in Photoshop

– Undo  – Zooming – Maneuvering

– Layer Tips   & shortcuts

– Image Size, canvas size & crop

– Toggle Panels- Rotate Canvas

Third Session

·Selection Tools


– Making Selections

– Marquee tool- Lasso tools

– Magic wand tool

– Copy & Paste- Paste in Place

– Paste Special- Free Transform Tool

– Ward Transform Tool

– Perspective Transform Tool

Fourth Session


·Layer Masking


·Type Tool Styles

– Using Brushes- Brush panels

– Using the brush- Customize a brush

– Eraser Tool & Layer Masking

– Erasing Pixels- Layer Masking

– Shape tool- Rectangle Tool

– Ellipse Tool- Polygon Tool- Custom Shape – Fill Color & Stroke Color

– Type Principals

– Horizontal Type Tool

– Vertical Type Tool

– Character & Paragraph Panel

Fifth Session

·Layer Style

·Using pen tool

– Layer Styles

– [Drop Shadow] Style

– [Stroke] Style

– [Gradient Overlay] Style

– [Outer Glow] Style

– Pen tool & Paths

– What is the Pen tool & Paths

– Create a Path

– Create Raster Shape

– Create a Custom Shape

Level 2/12 hours Adobe Photoshop for intermediates
First Session

·Smart objects

·Image adjustment

– Smart objects in Photoshop

– What are the Smart Objects?

– Create a Smart Object

– Color Adjustments

– Brightness / Contrast

– Hue / Saturation

– Black & White- Replace Color

Second Session

·Adjustment layer


– Adjustment Layers- Properties Panel

– How to add Adjustment Layer

– Hue / Saturation Window

– Filters in Photoshop

– Blur Filter- Filter Gallery

– Liquefy Filter

Third Session

·Blending mode


·Custom brush

·Mask layer and brush

– Blending Modes

– [Darken],[Lighten],[Contrast ], [Comparative], [Composite]

– Save as [.PSD], [.JPEG], [.PNG]

– Setting up a document

– Setup a document for print

– Setup Guides

– Create a Gradient Background

– Create a custom brush

– Using Mask Layer with the (Brush Tool)

Fourth Session


·Shadow Effect

– Using the Pen Tool and Paths

–  Create a Book Cover Image.

– 3D paper type effect

– Create a New Document

– Create Type

– Create Shadow Effect

Fifth Session

·Create Rainbow and clouds

·Header Composition


–  Create a Book Cover Image.

– Rainbow & Clouds Illustration

– Create Rainbow Illustration

– Create Clouds Illustration

– Manage complexity and Working Smart

– Drag Cloud Illustrations into Header Composition

– Place Header Composition Into main Book Cover Document

–  Create a Book Cover Image.

– Decorating an Origami Paper Bird

– Decorate Paper Bird

– Add Bird to main Document as a Smart Object

Level 3/12 hours Adobe Photoshop for Advanced/Experts
First Session


·Glossy Transparent Cover

·Glitch Effect

– How to cut any image into pieces and apply a nice slice effect to it.

– Will be using Gradient map to get the depth

– Design this Glossy Transparent Cover in Photoshop.

– Replace the magazine content with our smart layer page.

– Create a transparent cover and add a nice glossiness using some brush strokes

– How to apply Glitch effect to any image in Photoshop

– Three ways to create out Glitch effect.

– The first technique is using Rectangular selection tool.

– The Second technique is using Wave option under Distort and the Filter gallery option.

– The third technique, we will use the channels to apply the RGB color.

Second Session

·Duotone Photo Effect

·Color Transition Animation

– Apply Duotone photo effect to any image using Photoshop

– Three ways to apply duotone effect.

– The First way is using Gradient map.

– The second way is using Solid color and Blending option

– The third way is using Grayscale and Duotone option.

– Create color animation in Photoshop.

– First we will create an Action

– Apply hue color to multiple image.

– Create frame-by-frame animation in the timeline.

Third Session

·Dual Lighting Effect

·Realistic Drops

·Soft bubbles

– Apply dual lighting effect to an image

– Working on a small project to show, how you can apply these techniques, to create your own graphic design

– Creating Realistic Water Drops in Photoshop.

– Use Layer Style option to add all the styles & effects.

– Create tiny air bubbles trapped inside the drops

– Use Ellipse tool to create out the circles and use layer style options to add the drop shadow & 3D depth

Fourth Session

·Realistic Yolk

·Comic Book Effect

·Divine Art

·Aquatic plant design

– Creating realistic egg Yolk in Photoshop.

– First, we will create the base structure from a circular shape using Warp option.

– Draw out the details using brush

– Creating comic book effect to an image using Photoshop.

– First create halftone of the image

– Add an effect of brush strokes to make it look like painting.

– Add Frame borders using strokes option

– Adjust the RGB values using curve adjustment layer

– Creating a Bubble art graphic design.

– Create this design we will first create a painting for the background.

– We will add a texture to give a fabric feel.

– Create a custom brush to design the oval effect using layer mask option.

– Design a typical Aquatic plant using Photoshop.

– Create the inner spheres using the ellipse tool and layer style options.

– Add bubble particles, organic pattern and inner glow inside the sphere.

– Create the particles cloud on the background

Fifth Session

·Creating Ripple Water Surface

·Create magazine cover

·Adding Highlights & Changing Color

·Modern Epigraphy

– Create water surface effect in Photoshop.

– Using Cloud effect, Gaussian Blur, filter galleries, layer modes, mask & adjustment layers.

– Create magazine cover

– How to create a styles magazine cover in Photoshop.

– Importing an image and applying color gradient.

– How to add perspective drop shadow.

– Bring in the text and use alignment tool.

– Creating the T-shirt Mockup.

– How to add highlight to a t-shirt.

– How to change the t-shirt color using the Solid color option in Photoshop

– Design modern Epigraphy text effect in Photoshop.

– Design the background, and then we will add the texts.

– Give individual texture to each texts.

– Apply 3D perspective view with realistic Depth of Field.

– Use many option , which will include Blur gallery, Photoshop 3D tool, Texture mapping, Layer modes

Equipment Requirement for Photoshop Course

  • Processor: I Core 5
  • RAM: 4 Giga Bytes
  • VGA Card: not less than 2 Giga Bytes
  • Hard Disk: not less than 500 Giga Bytes


Important Notes:
• Student will start the course upon availability.
• You must activate your course at least 1 month prior.
• Special timings are not available.
• Private courses are not available.
• The course is taught online.
• Students will receive a certificate upon completing the course.
• The package you are about to buy is only 1 of 3 levels.
• For more information please call 01030710031 or send your questions to info@thekingsacademy.info


Duration 5 Sessions
Price EGP3,990.00

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