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Adobe InDesign

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Course Overview:
This course is designed for users who are willing to use InDesign to earn good money. We are starting from scratch
until your reach the professional user level in InDesign.

Lesson No. Adobe InDesign
First Session


– How InDesign Works
– Improve your Work Flow
– InDesign Interface
– Discussing the Project and select the Topic
– Prepare Your Folder for Work
– How to Prepare your Files
Second Session – Interface Introduction
– Tool Panel
– Control Panel
– Workspace Panel
– The Document Area
– Panel Review
– Create a Workspace
– The Artboard Panel
Third Session – Create New Documents
– Edit document setting
– Zoom in and Zoom Out
– Working with Pages Panel
– Rearrange Pages
– Allow document pages to shuffle
– Working with Links Panel
Fourth Session – Laying Out Frame Boxes
– Arrange Frames
– Filling Frames with Colors
– Working with Text
– Working with Columns
– Formatting Text
– Character Style Panel
– Working with Tables
Fifth Session – Creating a drop cap
– Working with Paragraph Panel
– Fine-tuning columns
– Combination
– Display Performance Options
– Placing Images
– Arrange Images
– Images repositioning
Sixth Session – Modifying Images Using Photoshop
– Linking InDesign to Photoshop
– Working with SWATCHES Panel
– Working with Colors
– Working with Objects
– Wrapping text around photos
– Using Frame Tool
Seventh Session – Using Shape Tool
– Placing Photos inside Text
– Placing Photos inside Multiple Lines of Text
– Using the Pen Tool to create a custom shape
– Type on a pat
Eighth Session – Hyperlinks panel overview
– Create Hyperlinks
– Manage Hyperlinks
– Create bookmarks for PDF
– Manage bookmarks
– Finishing Off/ Preflight in Adobe InDesig

Equipment Requirement for InDesign Course
 Processor: I Core 5
 RAM: 4 GigaBytes
 VGA Card: not less than 2 GigaBytes
 Hard Disk: not less than 500 GigaBytes


Important Notes:
• Student will start the course upon availability.
• You must activate your course at least 1 month prior.
• Special timings are not available.
• Private courses are not available.
• The course is taught online.
• Students will receive a certificate upon completing the course.
• For more information please call 01030710031 or send your questions to info@thekingsacademy.info

Duration 8 Sessions
Price EGP7,350.00

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