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Learning Python from scratch to professionalism

Python is considered one of the most simple and easy programming languages, especially when learning it, it does not present any difficulties for you, by comparing it with other programming languages, in addition to that it works on various programs that are suitable for any operating system.

Python is nowadays one of the most needed programming languages ​​in the labor market, as it provides amazing job opportunities for those wishing to develop their income and achieve great success in the field of programming, and it is also one of the programming languages ​​used by workers in the field of information security.

What distinguishes the Python language from the rest of the programming languages

​​In terms of material, you will not need to pay any money to work on it, but it is an open field for everyone and completely free and will remain so, but from the technical point of view, it helps you to program whatever the capabilities of your computer are weak or not Enough

The Python language is characterized by being easy to read and learn, and you can read its code and modify it easily, and it is qualified for the operating system to understand it through the code written in it, so you do not need a compiler to interpret Python commands for you so that the operating system understands it, as is the case in the language Java.

Python characteristics

One of the most important characteristics of Python is that it works on more than one platform, as the programs that you implement through Python can run on Mac OS, Linux, Unix and Windows.

Python provides Multi-threading technology that helps you make your program. It can execute many commands at the same time, in addition to providing interfaces ready to interact with databases instantly.

Through Python, it is easy for you to deal with other programming languages ​​such as C ++ and Java within the framework of your programs that are already written in Python.

Important Notes:
• Student will start the course upon availability.
• You must activate your course at least 1 month prior.
• Special timings are not available.
• Private courses are not available.
• The course is taught online.
• Student will receive a certificate upon completing the course.
• For more information please call 01030710031 or send your questions on info@thekingsacademy.info

Duration 10 Sessions
Price EGP7,350.00

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