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What is ICDL? And what are the sections and exams of this certificate?

ICDL is an acronym for the International Computer Driving License, is a certificate to qualify beginners to know the basics of computer, and it is an internationally recognized certificate sponsored by UNESCO to support knowledge and science in all countries, and the ICDL is taught through seven subjects
Exams in these subjects are conducted remotely over the Internet at accredited centers, which are connected to a central server for this license.
The seven ICDL programs are:

1- Computer Basics IT & Windows 10.
2- Word processor.
3- Electronic tables, Excel.
4- PowerPoint presentations.
5- Access databases.
6- Internet basics.
7- Information Security.

In order to get the ICDL certificate, you have to pass each exam separately, with a score of 75% or more, each subject contains 36 questions, you need to answer 27 questions correctly in order to pass the exam and the duration of the test for each subject is 45 minutes.
The ICDL program is a true barometer of computer skills that have been developed at the global level. It also provides a balance in the level between the business needs and the capabilities of individuals in most countries of the world.

Important Notes:
• Student will start the course upon availability.
• You must activate your course at least 1 month prior.
• Special timings are not available.
• Private courses are not available.
• The course is taught online.
• Student will receive a certificate upon completing the course.
• For more information please call 01030710031 or send your questions on info@thekingsacademy.info

Duration 10 Sessions
Price EGP6,300.00

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