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What you’ll learn?

· Explain how object-oriented software engineering enhances the software development process.

· Identify the major elements in an object-oriented programming language.

· Implement the concepts of data abstraction and encapsulation in the creation of abstract data types.

· Implement operator overloading.

· Use inheritance in C++.

· Select the proper class protection mechanism.

· Demonstrate the use of virtual functions to implement polymorphism.

· Write programs utilizing the I/O classes in C++.

· Understand some advanced features of C++ including templates, exceptions, and multiple inheritances.

· Compare the object vs. the procedural approach to writing software.

· Use correct object-oriented terminology.

· Define and use classes in a C++ program.

· Create and use abstract data types.

· Derive classes using inheritance in C++.

· Implement polymorphism by using virtual functions in a program.

Duration 10 Sessions
Price EGP6,500.00

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