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Marketing Basics 101(DS)

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In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Marketing.
This course provides a basic overview of marketing for small business owners who are looking to reach a broader customer base and expand their markets. Learn what marketing is and why it is vital to growth. The course covers how to conduct market research and developing marketing strategies while providing marketing resources for small business owners.

The Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers course is comprised of five topics.

Each topic covers a different aspect of marketing. The course begins and sets the tone by defining marketing and why it is so important to your business. The course continues by describing how to conduct target market research and identify an effective marketing plan.
Practical, high-impact marketing strategies are also described to help you consider methods to win new customers. Next, the course describes aligning social media platforms with your marketing campaign. Finally, the last topic pulls it all together by outlining how to measure the success of your complete marketing strategy.
By the end of this course, you should be able to apply the fundamental marketing concepts that support starting and managing a business.

To accomplish this objective, you will one, define marketing and its importance in business development; two, describe the target market research process; three, identify components of an effective marketing plan; four, describe high impact marketing strategies that foster business success; and five, describe key concepts for measuring performance of marketing strategies, to include social media campaigns.
This rapid technological growth has paved the way for today’s business owners to benefit from massive marketing potentials on a global scale. As a business owner, stay well-informed of technology changes and how they can improve your marketing techniques and strategies.

Duration 8 Sessions
Price EGP2,625.00

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